Simplify scope 3 emissions tracking & ignite employee engagement

Track your environmental impact with real-time reports, engage your employees with competitions, and reduce your overall climate impact.

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Use live emission data to identify areas for improvement.


Engage employees to help enable emission reduction strategies.


Celebrate your success and share your reduction journey with others.

Transforming emission tracking into a team sport

Dive into our monthly Eco-Challenges where employees compete to reduce emissions. Celebrate your eco-champions each month and watch your company's carbon footprint diminish.

“I have been putting off buying an e-bike but using the app made me realise how many emissions I was creating by taking the car, I now have the e-bike“ Pip Newland - Orion NZ
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Annual surveys won’t help you measure your progress. Our real-time reporting will

You can use our in-app real-time reporting or wait for our monthly report packs, which include branded slides ready for you to drop into your stakeholder presentations. Surveys also don't engage your staff

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Automated prizes and marketing creative

We alleviate the stress of prize distribution for the winning team and create marketing/creative materials to celebrate your employees internally and on your social media networks.

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Tap or Scan to Track

Simplify your emissions tracking with our NFC and QR code functionality. Just a quick tap or scan allows you to effortlessly log emissions on the move. This feature embodies our commitment to innovation, ensuring EcoFixa evolves alongside the ever-changing climate landscape.

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Seamless integration at our core

EcoFixa's platform is built with compatibility at its core, ensuring effortless integration with all major sustainability ecosystems, including Toitū , ESP and EKOS . Our approach streamlines your carbon management, making sustainability efforts more efficient and impactful.

Collaborative partners

In collaboration with the Sustainable Business Network and Workride we extend your sustainability capabilities, linking you with key players and initiatives dedicated to environmental excellence and innovation.

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We’re just getting started

EcoFixa is evolving as swiftly as the climate itself, mirroring the dynamic pace of the industry. We've crafted a platform that solves complex problems with ease, from comprehensive emissions tracking to engaging competitions. Yet, we're not resting — our commitment is to perpetual innovation, creating intuitive tools to navigate the changing tides of climate action, together.

Our suite of tools

EcoFixa features

Flexible pricing for your business

EcoFixa adapts to your business on a case-by-case basis. For accurate pricing, please contact us below.


hear from some of our satisfied customers who have seen the benefits of EcoFixa in action. By becoming aware of their own emissions and making changes to their commute, our customers have not only reduced their carbon footprint but also improved their overall quality of life.


What is EcoFixa?

EcoFixa is a platform that helps track and reduce an organization's environmental impact by engaging employees in competitions to earn points by tracking their emissions.

How much does EcoFixa cost?

We will adapt to your business needs on a case-by-case basis. For accurate pricing, please contact us using the information below.

Is EcoFixa an app?

Yes, EcoFixa is compatible with iOS, Android, and web platforms. Additionally, we offer data exports that are compatible with most data warehouses.

Can EcoFixa fit in with Toitū Envirocare: Carbon and Environmental Certification?

Yes. We're currently in the process of becoming certified.

Can I easily export my data to an existing data warehouse?

Yes. We offer data exports that are compatible with most data warehouses

Can you develop custom emission tracking solutions?

Yes, contact us today to discuss how our in-house development team can assist you with your unique business challenges and needs.

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